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Necessary Packing Tips Before Nostalgic Shifting

You can’t look back for your past but enjoy the voyage towards future. Though, past things bring some nostalgic memory. But change is necessary to feel the fresh air. Yes you love to move for a new place. But now you should make a plan for gibberish packing. Duh! It can gave you pain because you have to face it in an expert way. Take an oath to stay organized way and go for it!

Here Are Necessary Things Which Help you to Pack your Loving Goods:

  • Make a list, the proper one
  • Plenty of boxes – cardboard box to bubble wrap
  • Masking tape, few roles
  • Marker & highlighter to label your packing goods

It’s Time to pack your stuffs. Before you start packing, you have to make a list of rooms like make a schedule for every room’s packing. Fix a dateline to set a target to achieve the goal. As an Example: 3rd march to 6th march study room.

1. Start with Less Important Materials

Now you should fix a packing time and start packing with lea important materials. Let’s start wrapping things from your study room or entertainment room. Then you should proceed for ornaments and any decorative items. Keep it safe in a secure place.

2. Sort Every Single Thing with Category

You have to prepare boxes and gather things as per their importance. You can create interesting categories like – ‘books’, ‘bags’, ‘watches’, ‘foot-ware’,’ clothing’ ,kitchen-ware’ etc.


You can subcategorize your goods as per value. It makes your packing easier. As an example: For kitchen ware you can make subcategory like- utensils, spoons, ’cup-bowls’ etc.

3. Should Label all Your Stuffs

Always use dark shed marker to label your goods. Make sure it should be label in a ‘Bold’ manner. Label with right value such us for breakable thing label it with ‘Fragile goods’.

4. When You have Hurry to Pack your Things

When you have no time to pack your goods then involve your family in packing business. Though, individual packing feels like organized. But it will be better to involve more persons when you have less time.

5. Involve Others

Involve your family and friends when you have no extra time to think of packing. Better to hire expert packers and movers Pune when you are shifting from Pune to Hydrabad.

6. Just Trash Unwanted Stuff

Just throw spoilt, unnecessary goods. Shifting home is less stressful when you carry few things with you.

Fun with packing! Don’t feel low while packing because pessimism curses your energy level.

About The Author: Vikash Kumar is Editor and owner of Adworld India, an online advertising company based in India. He run a site called packers and movers, a popular search site which help peoples to find best packers and movers in Pune for home/office relocation needs.

Kumar Vikash

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