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Hairfall, baldness! Well, these are certainly the causes that has affected most of the population around the world gravely. Some start losing self-esteem whereas some lose their confidence due to hair loss and hence stop socializing as a result. Losing hair is one of those common problem aspects these days that is being confronted nowadays. Depression, ultra-hectic lifestyle of these days, hereditary affairs, etc are a few reasons that could be the reason to hair fall or baldness.

At Atri Clinic, located in the very heart of the metro city Kolkata, we help you come out your these issues with the help of world-class technologies and make sure that you get satisfying results at a swift note. We detect the right cause for the hair loss you face and recommend, after suggesting, our various top-class hair loss treatments. ATRI Clinic is known for providing hair transplant services-hair implant surgery and much more that too at affordable rates. We also ensure that you achieve the best density of hair from our services.

Let us first make you understand about hair loss and its causes in details. Hair loss is a major issue among both the sexes. Considering all age groups, roughly 50% of males and about 75% of females are affected from hair loss which further leads to severe distress psychologically among them and hence, isolation. The problems are found to be quite severe at the onset of the symptoms. Statistics prove that people have hair strands ranging from around 100,000 to 150,000. This issue is nothing but the loss of these strands. Average hair loss is about 50-70 strands in a day, but this varies from one individual to the other. The normal volume can only be maintained if the hairs are replaced at the same rate at which they are lost. Although the causes of hair loss are quite diverse in nature, some people experience premature hair fall due to excessive stress and malnutrition while the others may confront the same owing to hereditary issues.

Several instances can be seen where poor detection leads to increased complications and difficulties. There are a number of reasons for both men and women’s hair loss. Both require different and special treatments. Now this is where we, Atri Clinic, come in. Our expert specialists diagnose and detect the root cause of your hair fall. Although it is seen that men are more prone to hair fall than that of women, hair thinning or female pattern baldness has also become one of the most common problems more or less everywhere. It can be due to a simple vitamin deficiency to some severe health conditions, the reasons can be sundry in nature.

Hair loss may be a natural process; but premature Female hair loss not only gives the patient a sense of ageing, but also reduces her confidence to a bad extent. According to our experts the reasons for Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) are multiple and range from stress, pregnancy, alopecia areata and other hereditary Issues. Nowadays, men too have become very conscious about their looks as well. According to our experts the reasons for Male Pattern Hair Loss(MPHL) are assorted and ange from diabetes, arthritis, stress, excessive style, hereditary affairs, inadequate protein level in body and anaemia. If you are facing any of such as mentioned above, then this is we step in as your right choice and provide with the best assistance. Our experts at ATRI Clinic listen to all your problems and extend their helping hand to help you get away with all your hair related issues as soon as possible.

ATRI Clinic provides you with the best cure for male hair loss and makes sure that you get rid of the plight faster. We provide the best hair transplantation surgery in Kolkata, India. Using the finest infrastructures and equipments, we have turned out to be one of the most reliable clinics in the city. We flaunt some of the best hair transplant specialists as our assets and are are extremely proud to give you just what you are looking for. We are making the best use of our capital provide you with avant-garde means at our door.

Although right hair grooming, qualitative medication and application of top-class hair care products can improve your condition to some level, still for a permanent cure, hair transplant is the best option that you can adhere to. Our medical experts examine the individuals with high-end care and explain the nitty-gritties of hair restoration procedure for the great interest and knowledge of the patients. People having small bald areas may not have to undergo the same treatment as like those having large patches. Hair transplantation is the ultimate therapy that we recommend. It not only restores the zeal that you lost but will also give the best worth for your money. The process of hair transplantation is an upgraded cosmetic surgery that has a permanent effect on the patient’s medical condition.

FUE and FUT methods are the two common hair restoration surgeries that have been introduced till date and ATRI Clinic has the best department to offer both the treatments at a cost-effective price. For a perfect hair transplant surgery, well consideration of the cause and pattern of baldness is required the most. Our efficient team members are patient enough to examine each patient with high-end care and make sure that they get the best service from the clinic. Hair Transplant helps in getting beautiful hair with amazing quality. Because of the stimulation of the stem cells, the miniature hair follicles also starts growing after the boost and becomes adult hair. Patient also achieves a balanced level of constant hair growth.

As hair transplant has become a common therapy for hair loss, nowadays a number of clinics have popped up promising high profile surgical options. But we do understand the plight of the commoners and with our exceptional deportment offered to them, our patients are no more going to change their mind once they decide on the surgery. Our services are affordable as we do not charge a sky soaring price. With the concept of medical tourism becoming very popular in India, the patients are no more likely to be bound within a certain geographical location.

We, at ATRI Clinic Kolkata, take the chance and welcome the mass promising a fast cure to their every hair related issues. 500 hair grafts are the minimum count we offer for transplantation and the hair implant cost is same for both FUE as well as FUT surgery and 40 INR per graft is the charge that we offer and ensure the best hair loss cure for men as well as women. We offer easy EMI facility and you can take recourse to the same for a hassle-free payment option. The cost of both men and women’s hair transplant will not bother you with our inimitable intrigues.

You may meet ATRI Team anytime and contact them too. You can also take a look at a few personal experiences our past patients who now, satisfied from our services, our living with a new outlook completely. Check Testimonials. From exclusive diagnostic tools to the top-end treatments that we offer to our patients are well-known for our groundbreaking services. Our affordable hair transplant cost has placed us in a well treasured advantage. We aspire to accelerate our growth yet more with the running stride of time. Our main purpose is customer satisfaction. Contact us anytime at +91 9831187557. We, at ATRI Clinic, Kolkata, come for your help anytime and ascertain that you get the right hair restoration treatments at a cost that permits your pocket the best.