Be Aware Packers Movers Company Frauds

How to Identify Fraud Packers and Movers Company?

Be careful when choosing a professional packers and movers, as in many cases, these companies are found to cheat people giving them unsatisfactory services and charging high prices at the end. I have come across a few real-life cases which I felt right to share with all my readers.

A person named Akash filed a complaint against a packers and mover company that promised for safe movement of all his belongings from Mumbai to Delhi. When asked for insurance, the concerned company told Akash, they would give the insurance receipt in 2 days. However, in spite of paying the entire amount in advance, he found many of his goods either missing or broken. The packer kept delaying the insurance receipt and never sent it.

So, from this examples, it is clear that there are many fraud relocation services providers in India. So you must keep in mind the following points to avoid been a prey to a cheat packers and movers.

Offering Services at a Very Low Price

If you come across a company offering packers and movers services at an incredibly low price, think twice before hiring such an organization. Find out whether the company is genuine or fake. Reach customer reviews, and if possible search with the company name on Google or in various popular complaint forums.

False Paid ad Listings at Search Engines and Popular Directories

Fraud moving companies in order to attract customers list themselves on all famous B2B portals like or just dial, and in popular search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. It is a popular way of gaining instant recognition and popularity online in turn driving maximum traffic to a website. It is quite natural for you to believe in a company that is listed on all popular online listing sites and on Google. Not many people know that such listings are paid and before getting listed on these portals, they are not evaluated on any grounds. So, you must be extra cautious when selecting a packers and movers company. You must check the credibility of a company on several grounds before finally hiring a particular company.

Attractive Websites

Many fraud packers and movers companies run a phishing web portal in order to trap innocent customers. So, they come up with one or more attractive phishing websites similar to or related to the name of a brand professional company to persuade innocent people to avail their services. They are so shrewd; you will hardly identify the fraud unless you are very careful. For example, a branded company with name say “ABC Company”, phishing web portals are created with the name “ABCs Company” or say “A-B-C Company”. There are many such real-life cases where it is almost difficult to catch the fraud.

False Brand Association

There are companies who relate themselves to popular brands. They make all sorts of false claims that they are subsidiary of a well-known particular brand that is operating for years and already has a strong client base. In this way, the fraud companies not only attract prospective customers of the brand company but also degrade their overall brand value and goodwill.

Fake Documents

These companies create different types of forgery documents including i-card, visiting cards, pamphlets, and more to easily win the trust of people who cannot identify them as fake. It is almost impossible to make out the difference between original and fake papers and so most potential customers get easily tricked by such fraudsters.

At Adworld India you will get verified packers and movers companies details and price quotes for free. However we suggest you to visit the packers and movers office and ask for their document and read online reviews about that company. These thing will help you to stay away from fraud cases.