Man Loses Eye After Hair Transplant: Negligent Doctor Suspended

Hair transplant is common process to bring back hair on the bald area. The procedure gives best results when done by a specialist. A well experienced surgeon performs the surgery well providing excellent results. On the contrary, any mistake in the surgery can make the results worse and causes complications too. So, before going ahead for hair transplant it is always recommended to choose the right experienced surgeon to avoid problems.

Few months back, Azim Ahmed, a non-resident Indian came to India on a holiday. Since long he has been thinking of getting a hair transplant. From his peers, he has heard much about the successful stories of hair transplant. So, he decided to go for hair restoration surgery at Dr Ashrif Khan’s Hair Transplant Centre. The clinic was popular and had good recommendations of people around. (News Published:

Unfortunately, Azim never knew that it would be the last time he would be able to see with his eyes or even resume to work post surgery. Just after the surgery, he developed life- threatening issues. He felt a big trauma as the surgery has affected his eyes. As he lost his vision, he was admitted to the hospital. There the doctor suggested the removal of his right eyeball.

Along with several ill effects post surgery, he lost the job and was confined to home for months. The series of surgeries continued for the treatment of the complications. Later, State Medical Council found the hair transplant surgeon Dr Ashrif Khan guilty of negligence. His registration has been cancelled for two years and barred him for performing the surgery.

How Azim Lost his Eye: Complications Post Surgery

With all misguiding information present on the website of Dr Khan’s Hair Transplant Centre, Dr Ashrif qualifications are listed as “MBBS, FRCS, ISHRS (USA)”. All the reputed degrees from the premier institutes were listed fake under his name. However, the Council found that he only had an MBBS degree and rest postgraduate certification required to conduct hair transplant procedures were missing.

According to Azim, he developed complications within 12 hours of the surgery. Suddenly, he started feeling his eyes burning, swelling of eyes and head. After complaining about it, Dr Ashrif sorted it by saying that it would subside. Later on, Azim was even unable to move, eat or breathe properly. Then, he was rushed to the Care hospital for urgent treatment.

Dr. Aminesh, a consultant plastic surgeon at Care hospital found Azim infected with ‘Necrotizing fasciitis’.It is a bacterial skin infection that spreads quickly and kills the body’s soft tissue. This infection has affected the skin muscles on his scalp, eye and eyelid. Dr. Aminesh made all the efforts to save his eyes and helped him get rid of all the symptoms. But sadly, he has to remove Azim’s right eye to save him from the spreading infection. Although his right eye was removed, still he remained in hospital for months. There, he underwent many surgeries in short span of time.

Doctor’s Negligence and its impacts

According to Dr. Aminesh of Care Hospital the infection could have happened due to post-operative complication or patient complication or incorrect sterilization of the equipment used. Since Azim was a diabetic, Dr. Ashrif would have not checked and controlled his blood sugar before the surgery. As a result the deviation in sugar level leads to complications. It can cause infection such as cellulites and gangrene post surgery in patients.

Doctor Ashrif was unable to list out the cause of infection as he had no qualification or specialize training for hair transplant. His degrees were unrecognised and fake which were used only to attract clients for hair transplantation. Also, he donot have any idea about the number of grafts needed to cover the bald area.

Needless to say, this is rare but unfortunate case which had serious life- threatening impact on the patient. The good news with advanced medical technology is that it has given us the treatment of every disorder. With rising number of medical professionals, there are many unqualified professionals too. These unlicensed doctors have no qualification and are fake having no experience. Since hair transplant is bit complex process and wrong professional can increase its complications. Always make sure you choose qualified experienced medical professional for hair restoration. Ask to see certification of their credentials and verify that they are from accredited institutions. Remember, life is defined with the choices you make, so try to make the right ones.

Kumar Vikash

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