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Reasons Why Do People Relocate

The decision to relocate one’s residence or his office or move to an entirely new location is a major decision in one’s life. This decision is influenced by the priorities of an individual, social pressures or individual insights. Also, the cultural make up of individuals play an important role in the motivation to move to a new location. Let us explore some of the causative factors.


Leading surveys and research in over 90 countries has long proved that career is the motivation for over one-third of the entire world’s migration. In 2010-11 alone, there were 7 million people migrating from Latin America to the U.S. These migrations can be in search of better opportunities, migration from the east to the west and from the east to the Middle East is a good example of this. Other reasons for relocation can be transfers, business expansions and search for a better market, result of merger and acquisitions or deputations.

Standard of living:

One of the strongest motivators of moving out or relocation process is the search for a better lifestyle, better infrastructure, better healthcare facilities, cheaper and better modes of commutation, better connectivity, digital services, search for democratic rights and migration to welfare states, migration to nations with egalitarian societies, moving into regions of better social connectivity and modes of entertainment. People also move into places that are more congenial to family rearing. For example, Ann Arbour was ranked the best in the list of the best cities for family rearing. People also migrate to places with better opportunities of self development, schooling or higher education. Also, places that offer multiple recreational activities for the entire family along with a cosmopolitan culture are relocated to frequently.

Family Requirements:

Many people have to relocate to other places in the light of family emergencies. Their presence becomes a mandate in critical junctures and they need to rise up to the occasion to tackle the situation. One of the most common reasons for such a migration is critical ailment of any family member. Another reason for people to relocate is to seek reunion of family. Many people have to settle in different location for the sake of their careers. However, once they see an opportunity to reunite in a single establishment at a single location feasible, most people opt for it. This is most commonly seen in eastern countries where traditionally the society is matriarchal or patriarchal with a single earning member. Post retirement most of these career minded people reunite with their families. Sometimes, one member of the family relocates abroad, the family follows suit; especially when the family has a nuclear structure.

Fiscal Constraints:

Accommodation and living expenses form the major chunk of our budget. But, both of these factors correlate to the standard of living of the location and the purchasing power and the per capita income of the people living there. Another factor is the government’s taxation policy on essential ad consumable goods. In such a scenario, when faced with a fiscal constraint many people consider it a wise option to relocate to a cheaper city. The migration to the tier two cities from the tire one cities is often due to this reason. The lower cost of living in the smaller cities is often the motivating factor for the relocation to these places. Migrations to territories where the subsidies and aides are higher are also due to this reason. Further, migration to countries with lesser cost of living is also an example for this. Another common phenomenon is moving to a cheaper accommodation in the same city as well.

Ease of Commutation:

Another strong reason for relocating within the city is to change location for ease of commutation access. Difficulty in transportation to work place, to schools for children, to hospitals, or the mere lack of commutation infrastructure like sound public transport, availability of cabs etc causes people to relocate to other places with better amenities.

Self Motivation:

Some people like exploring new opportunities, new places and newer facilities. That forms the essence of their living. Consequently, they do not need any external motivation to keep relocating. Whenever they get a chance, they relocate to a new place within a country or abroad to experience life in different places. They experience a thrill in the movement and practically live off the suitcase, owing to their bohemian tendencies.

Psychological Motivations:

People who survive a trauma like death of a parent, spouse, or any other loved one find it difficult to maintain status-quo in the same premises. The experience is emotionally traumatic to them and they relocate to a new place in search of solace. People who want to start afresh in their lives fresh from a heart break or a failed marriage also relocate to newer places in an effort to give their life a fresh chance with new people and new scenarios.

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