Top 6 Hair Transplant Surgeon Mumbai

Top 6 Affordable Hair Transplant Doctors in Mumbai

Mumbai is a place where people are even more conscious for the ongoing trend and style. Especially, when it comes to hair loss treatments, people tend to get even more cautious and alert. Whether you want to get rid of excessive hair loss syndromes or are quite keen about saying a permanent ‘good-bye’ to your baldness, hair restoration surgery can be the best solution for all your problems. With the excessive demand for the surgery,  you can now find a number of hair transplant centers offering cheap hair restoration solutions for men and women in Mumbai. They are not only affordable, but you can also book them online and enjoy free hair transplant consultation as well as other related offers.

Dr Viral Desai M.CH, D.N.B, M.S

Dr Viral Desai is a popular cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Mumbai. He has expertise in direct hair implantation (DHI) and there are many patients, who are highly satisfied with his DHI hair transplant surgery. He has decades of surgical as well as non-surgical experience and charges a price that will not create a dent in your pocket. . The patients coming to his clinic for hair transplant surgery can get discharged on the same day of the operation and can get into their regular activities in a week.

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Arvind Poswal, MBBS (AFMC)

Dr. Arvind Poswal is famous for his Fuse techniques in Mumbai. It is an advanced hair transplant surgery in and has grabbed a glut of commendations from them who have experienced this upgraded solution.  The FUSE technique is the best for them who have large bald patches. Budget is the main headache when it comes to hair restoration surgery and with Dr. Arvind Poswal, you can stay absolutely tension-free in this regard. Since, there are many patients who may not be financially strong, offering an affordable treatment is what he puts a greater emphasis on. However, it is recommended to book for a free consultation and the, opt for the surgery.  You can book online from his official website( for the below mentioned surgical hair treatments in Mumbai-

  • FUHT/strip Technique
  • FUSE/FUE Technique
  • Repair Hair Transplants
  • Body Hair Transplants
  • Facial Hair-to-Scalp Transplants
  • Scalp Hair Transplants (FUHT)

Vinay Patyal MBBS, DVD, Fellow Skin and Laser Surgery

Dr. Vinay Patyal is the founder of Face Value clinic Mumbai. He has been serving the Mumbai masses for past seven years and offering dermatological care in the best possible manner. He is one of the preferred surgeons, when it comes to hair transplant surgery in Mumbai. You will hardly find such people in that mega city who are not concerned about hair care. When you come to this clinic, you will be provided with a number of solutions according to the severity of your hair fall problems.  However, if you are looking for fast and effective results, opting for hair transplant surgery is the smart option. This is a modern dermatology clinic offering-

  • Male Hair Loss treatment
  • Female Hair Loss treatment

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Manoj Khanna – Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Manoj Khanna is an expert hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. He owns the famous Enhance Clinic in Mumbai and has a plethora of patients to his conferral. He has decades of surgical experience and do hair transplant surgery for men and women in Mumbai. Making the best use of several advanced tools and mechanism, Dr. Manoj Khanna has set an instance before the whole city. Whether  you are looking for FUE hair transplant surgery or the FUT process, this eminent surgeon will help you get exactly what you are looking for.

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Sourabh Vyas MBBS, FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Sourabh Vyas is one of the most preferred hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai for his expertise in FUE Hair Transplant for men and women. He is a pioneer in robotic hair transplant and is best known for its matchless expertise in this domain. FUE is an affordable way to treat hair loss and there are many satisfied patients, who have got their lost confidence back.

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L. H. Hiranandani

Yes, you can say that hair transplant surgery is a one time investment  which has a permanent result. There are a number of professional surgeons in Hirnandani Hospital and due to the unparalleled expertise of the medical team, this hospital has grabbed its place among the top 10 reputed hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.

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