What is the Average Cost of Hair Transplant?


The popularity of hair transplant is growing day by day. It is due to the fact that a large number of people are suffering from baldness and increased hair fall. These men seem to lead a sad life with low level of confidence. They hide from friends and colleagues and wear a hat to hide their head and thinning hair. If you are suffering from baldness, you can visit any hair transplant clinic which is near to you & to get best hair plantation in short time.

While many of us wants to enhance their look by going for a hair transplant technique, when it comes to hair transplant cost many of us take a step backward. Earlier the cost of hair transplantation was very high that lead only a few well-off people to undergo a surgery. But now, the situation has changed for the better. There are many good clinics in Kolkata offering low cost hair grafting techniques including FUT and FUE methods.

Hair transplant package is also available for patients to get natural looking hair without worrying about the price. Believe it or not, many foreigners are coming to India and especially to Kolkata to get a hair transplant at an affordable cost. There are experienced surgeons who are highly qualified and performing surgeries using state of the art medical instruments and advanced technology. When searching for a surgeon or clinic, you not only need to find out the level of expertise of the hair transplant doctors but also see the kind of packages the clinic is offering for your preferred hair transplant technique.

Kolkata offers a low cost of hair transplantation compared to the other cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Hair transplant cost in Delhi is around Rs 75,000 to 1, 00,000. Compared to this price range, in Kolkata, the costs starts from Rs 60,000. The per graft cost is also very affordable in the City of Joy.

Several factors contribute to the varying price of hair grafting, including the nature of baldness, the amount of baldness and the number of grafts that needs to be done. For initial treatment, you need to pay Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000; however for advanced treatment, the cost rises depending on the extent of your baldness and what technique you choose.

India is one of the most inexpensive places to get a hair transplant. A lot of patients from developed countries regularly visit India to get hair transplants done. Kolkata been one of the most economical cities in India has become a favorite destination for hair transplant patients. The cost of hair transplantation varies according to the number of follicles required to be grafted. Per graft cost can be anything from Rs. 35 to 70.

The cost of hair transplantation methods have reduced because of modern hair restoration techniques introduced in India. A lot of clinics are now using new technology which is lowering the cost of hair transplant. This makes possible for the Indian hair transplant clinics offer reasonable hair transplant package to let everyone get hair transplant easily and cost effectively.

The hair transplant surgeons will help you determine the number of grafts needed to remove baldness forever. The hair transplant clinics in Kolkata offers great value for your money. In Kolkata you will receive best hair loss treatment at low price.