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Top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics of Kolkata

We have verified all listed hair transplant clinic by visiting their clinic and based on patients feedback's. But we suggest you to examine by yourself

AdWorld India - Bain Clinic - Hair Transplant Clinic

Bain Clinic

IB 129, IB Block, Salt Lake Sector III, Kolkata - 700106.
OFFER: INR 30 Per Graft Only + EMI Facility.
Dr. Arindam Sarkar - Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Arindam Sarkar

37B, Lansdown Terrace, Desopriya Park, Kolkata - 700026
OFFER: Upto 30% OFF on Hair Transplant Cost + EMI Options.
ATRI Hair Transplant Clinic

ATRI Clinic

033 24240808
27/1, Sultan Alam Road, Kolkata - 700033
Upto 30% Discount on Hair Transplantaion with 0% Interest on EMI's.
Dr. Manoj Khanna - Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Manoj Khanna

033 22829126 / +91 98300 85506
12, Loudon Street, Kolkata - 700017
Hair Restoration, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Restoration
Dr. Bartas Clinic - Homeopathic Clinic

Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic

033 2359 2893 / 1800 419 8111
AB - 19, Salt Lake Sector I (Ground Floor) Near PNB Island, Kolkata-64
Hair Implant, Laser Hair loss Treatment & Hair Restoration

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Hair Transplant in Kolkata - Are You Looking for Affordable Clinic?

The benefits of hair transplant are many – you will get natural looking hair within a few months, enhanced look and feel, increased confidence, and a new YOU! In the beautiful city of Kolkata, people will come across many advertisements assuring treatments to remove baldness forever. Also the surgeons promise to alleviate the problem of thinning hair or rapid hair fall.

Through hair transplantation, you will get back your lost look and attractiveness. Your friends and neighbours will appreciate your new look, and you will feel on top of the world. AdWorld India helps you find the best hair transplant surgeon closest to your home. All you need to do is just fill out the enquiry from with all requeted details (name, address, phone numbers) and thats it. Repersenttives of the listed best 5 hair transplant clinic doctors will call you and answer all of your quries. It is thus so much easier for people to get hair transplant cost and other details of the experienced hair doctors of Kolkata without wasting ant time.

Best Hair Transplant Results by Certified Doctors

If you choose hair transplant surgeon from AdWorld, You can be rest assured to get 100% genuine and cost-effective hair loss treatment because we have listed certified doctors only. Remember, AdWorld is a health directory does not provide hair transplantation but we offer contact details of Kolkata's top 5 hair transplant doctors.

What makes the Kolkata surgeons stand out from the rest? It is their dedicated service and experience of treating every patient with utmost care. The staffs are also trained to offer best possible medical attention to all the patients.

A majority of patients who visit Kolkata for hair implant, suffer from some kind of fear and nervousness of how the surgeon will be and how they will deal with their case. People will be happy to know the hair plantation surgeon of Kolkata are very friendly and trustworthy. They listen to every case with great patience and conduct some tests and x-rays to accurately locate the source of the baldness or hair loss. Depending on the health condition of the patient and after going through his medical records, the doctor will decide the type of hair transplantation method to give natural looking hair.

FUT or FUE: Which Hair Transplant is Right for You?

There are basically two types of hair transplantation procedures - Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut out from the back of the patient’s head and then the stripped scalp is implanted on the bald area to cover it up. The cut area is stitched to remove chances of infections.

In FUE method, individual follicular units or grafts are taken from the back and side of the patient’s head one by one by using an advanced machine. The process may take several hours and is minimally invasive. Usually, in both methods, local anesthesia is given to numb the area and make the process less painful.

Your hair specialist doctor will choose the right technique depending on your no. of graft needs and which one will be best for better hair transplant results.

Visit Only The Best Hair Doctor in Kolkata

You must choose the best hair specialist doctor to get best hair transplantation result. AdWorld helps you access the contact details of the top 5 hair transplant clinics in Kolkata near you. Take the decision wisely when it comes to selecting a hair surgeon to get thick natural hair quickly! The most experienced doctor have handled many hair loss cases before and have extensive knowledge about the different types of hair transplanting and which one suits a patient best. So, without wasting any further time, you should go for hair specialist doctor who is 100% dedicated to his work and pays maximum attention and care for treating your baldness. Best hair doctor in kolkata also offer post-examination check-ups to help the patient get back to normal life in less time.

Hair Transplant Cost in Kolkata

There are surgeons available in Kolkata providing hair treatment at a low cost. However, they don’t compromise on the quality of service provided. The doctors use only the most advanced equipment and technology to give you bouncy hair.

In Kolkata, hair transplant cost starts from (₹20-₹40 per graft). Per graft price depends on surgeon experince and clinic costs. Our all listed hair plantation clinc offer EMI facility and affordable plantation cost.

List Your Hair Transplant Clinic

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