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About Dr. Arindham Sarkar

Dr. Arindam Sarkar, is a National Scholar with brilliant academic carrier. He has completed MBBS from Medical College, Kolkata in 1987 and completed his Master of Surgery from the same Institution in 1996. He has done MCh in Plastic Surgery from IPGME & R, Kolkata in 2002. He is Associate Professor Department of Plastic Surgery SSKM Hospital IPGME&R, Kolkata and visiting plastic surgeon of AMRI hospital and Woodlands Hospital, Kolkata.

Dr. Sarkar is the former secretary and treasurer of Association of Plastic Surgeons of West Bengal. His expertise in Hair Transplant, Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty and Various other departments of plastic surgery is established. He is also member of APSI, IMA, IAAPS, AHRSI.

Why does hair fall?

The primary reasons for hair loss can be frequent change in the type of water used, deficiency of iron, calcium, protein and vitamins.

Diseases like thyroid, typhoid, and the adverse effects of chemotherapy can also play major roles in hair loss. Hormonal imbalance can bring hair loss too. There are a few skin disorders that also leads to loss of hair. Alopecia Areata can affect the scalp in small parts or larger area altogether.

Losing hair during menstruation cycle, post-pregnancy and pre-menopausal period is usual is usual for women.

Advantage of Hair Transplant

The best thing about hair transplant is the permanence. Being the patient’s own hair, it has a good thickness and growth. It can be cut or shampooed regularly. It grows back normally after shaving the head.

Now it’s not limited to the head. Doctors are transplanting hair in the eye brows, moustache, beard and so on.

Who can have the Hair Transplant and Who Cannot?

Normally, anyone above 20-21 years of age can go for hair transplant. There is no upper limit for age.

Barring patients with a few serious conditions like: uncontrolled diabetes, implantation of stents through cardiac angioplasty.

Which one is Better FUT or FUE?

The surgical rate of hair root injury is much less in FUT. It also gives thickness in hair.

Is there any post Surgical complication?

It has few complications just like any other plastic surgery. There is very little bleeding. The hair is transplanted under local anaesthesia. The patient might feel heaviness in the head for a day or two.

How long does operation take? After how many days i can join work?

The time factor depends upon how big the area to be implemented is. Generally the time taken is between 4 to 6 hours. The patient can have refreshments in between. There is no need of hospitalization.

One can take bath or join back work in just two days.

How Much Time it Take to Show the Result?

After 3 month of hair transplant, the hair may look even thinner but in next 6 months the growth increases remarkably.

A part of the transplanted hair falls in one and a half month. This is called Shock ‘or’ Telogen losses. This is regained in the next one and a half month, as only the hair falls whereas the root stays back. In men the rate of hair fall is 10-15% and in women 30%.

How Much can Hair Transplant Cost? (**OFFER**)

The cost is proportionate to the area of transplantation. Both FUT and FUE cost the same.

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