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About Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic

Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic was established in 2007. This is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified organization. This is a famed name in case of providing superior quality aesthetic treatments to innumerable people of India. We have multiple branches throughout the country. Numerous unique treatments are tackled with our highly qualified and experienced medical professionals. All our team members are completely responsible and utterly proficient. They always try to put their best while delivering services to the patients. Different sorts of treatments regarding skin and hair are proffered at our clinics. In addition, several cosmetic surgeries are also done at reasonable prices. Utilization of advanced and developed technology has assisted us to touch the zenith.

Several functional aesthetic treatments are offered for voluminous and lustrous hair and for these treatments we are recognized mostly.

What are the reasons of hair fall?

Worldwide, hair shedding has been affecting a great number of people irrespective of their genders and ages. But, there are multiple causes for which people have to face falling of hair. Genetic susceptibility, hormonal imbalances, indiscipline way of living, poor eating habit, inadequate sleep, mental worries, prolonged medication, scalp irritations and unhealthy scalp, allergies, etc. are responsible for the slackening of hair.

Which treatments are offered by us?

At Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic, patients are proffered various sorts of treatments, which enable them not only to get proper and enhanced treatments but also to know the exact reason behind the falling of hair. Hair DNA Testing is there to detect the original cause and thereafter, patients are provided different means as per their necessities. Transplantation of hair, hair revival therapy, various hair loss treatments are offered by the expert and experienced professionals. Minoxidil, laser therapy are used to treat the patients with such crucial problem. Besides, proper guidelines regrading the medicinal dosages and diet are given so that the patients can have better outcomes easily.

What is Hair DNA Testing?

This is a cheek swab based process for those, who feel clueless regarding the shedding of hair. Hair DNA based personalized treatment would allow the clients to detect the hidden cause of hair falling and thereafter they may get into the significant process for reducing the fall of hair or other such problem related to hair.

What is Hair Transplantation?

This is the best procedure to restore the hair. Here, the bald areas or the recipient zone is covered with the extracted hairs of the donor area. Two distinct forms of hair transplantation are available and they are FUE and FUT. For fetching out faster and better result, HGA is combined with the FUE procedure.

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

In FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation, a strip of tissue from the back of patient’s head is extracted with the help of a scalpel. The strip is divided into grafts comprising one or more than one follicle. Hence, the process is known as strip method also.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is regarded as the advanced way of transplanting hair. This method doesn’t need the use of knife or scalpel and hence, there is no requisite for stitching. Naturally, the donor area doesn’t have to experience any sort of scarring in that case. Special needles are utilized to extract the hair roots and thereafter, with the help of micro punches, the extracted hair gets implanted on the recipient zone. Completely natural look is provided to the patients and at Dr. Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic, HGA is often combined for delivering better and faster result.

How many sessions are needed?

This is dependent on the bald area on the patient’s head. The more the count of grafts, the more the requisites of sittings. Generally, 6-7 hours are necessitated for each session and total number of sittings are needed as per the grafts count.

Is the process painful?

Throughout the globe, FUE transplantation is done under local anaesthesia and hence, the patients don’t have to face any kind of pain during the surgery. Some sort of bearable discomfort and numbness can be felt for a couple of days after the operation but they will be vanished in no time also. Even, patients can back to the normal life within a short period only.

What is the cost of Hair Transplant?

This generally varies though at our clinic, the cost is absolutely within the range of the patients. We put the utmost effort in proffering the supreme standard treatment at an affordable price. Basically, the price varies depending on the numbers of hair grafts to be implanted, the count of total sittings, the severity of the condition of the patient, etc. All these are considered as the cost-determining factors.

What is Hair Revival Therapy?

The patients of hair transplantation are given this treatment after 15 days of the surgery. It’s a 3 months treatment which is carried out with a unique patented molecule, Stemoxydine. The treatment encourages the growth of hair along with doubling the volume.

What is Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss is occurred due to so many underlying causes. The types of hairs are another significant reason behind that. At our clinic, we provide hair growth by using laser and Minoxidil. Amino acids, vitamins and minerals are also proffered. Besides, medicated products are also accessible so that people can avail clean and healthy scalp.

At our clinic, we always use the FDA accredited procedures and tools and that’s why, there is no risk of getting harmed. All the services are pocket-friendly and thus, anyone can get access into them quite easily.

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