All about the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Hair Transplant Procedure

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a process involving removal of hair in a single, thin strip to dissect into in individual follicular units through microscopes. The hair restoration procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The process may take time, hence the patients are asked to relax and take some rest. They may even take a nap, watch TV, or indulge in a chat with staff.

One of the major misconceptions people have for transplant techniques is the ‘plug’ technique that leaves the patient with bandages on head for lifetime. The modern follicular procedure will make patient wear just a hat and headband. They can even take shampoo after 24 hours of the surgery.

Knowing the Procedure

FUT Hair Transplant Process in India

Once the patient arrives for hair transplant, the staff will start off with the procedure. They review consent form for the surgery and other crucial paperwork. Queries will be answered. Meticulous redrawing of hairline is done. It is photographed and other marks are added as per the requirements. Patient is consulted for further procedure and high quality photographs are taken for medical record.

The patient is given sedatives to ensure relaxation through the procedure. Watching movie, listening to music, and reading magazines are also a choice. The number of transplanted follicular unit grafts determines the length of hair transplant. Smaller sessions take less time and longer ones may last through the day.

The whole environment is calm and soothing for patients with staff ready to pamper them to the hilt. Additionally, the staff will be helpful in removing any kind of qualms, apprehensions, and nervousness faced by patients. Special care is taken to protect patients and doctors from blood-born agents while the procedure of hair restoration is undertaken. At reputed centres, the staff is regularly tested for serious blood born diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. Most of the instruments used for the procedure are either disposable or properly sterilized.

The Follicular Unit Transplantation process is known for its maximum efficiency and minimum scarring during the process. Special Stereo-Microscopic Dissection technique is used to dissect from the donor strip.

The Results

It is the result that most people are tempted to use the FUT procedure for hair transplantation. It is known to be safe, effective, and result oriented procedure. All one requires doing is to reach out to a reputed facility with trained staff to take care of the procedure. Researching on the best of the places offering high quality FUT services will ensure desired results.