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Easy DIY Packing Tips from the Experts

Moving home? Well, the most intimidating process here is to pack your stuff. Right from the smallest of thing to vehicles in the garage, packing can take a lot of time and even make you lose your cool. DIY packing isn’t an easy task and takes a lot of efforts. Additionally, there are always higher chances of damaging the items.

We Have Gathered Some Easy DIY Packing Tips to Help you Save Time:

Bubble Wraps

These are necessary for protecting mirrors, bone china, glass-frames, and other fragile items. You must also glassware and other stuff in bubble wrap and shielding glass tape. Also label these items ad ‘fragile’ to know that it will be handled well while loading, unloading and unpacking.

Start Early

If you think packing in a rush will do, it won’t. It will mess up. You must look forward to plan it all as early as possible to be able to get things right and moving. So start at least 6 weeks ahead of the final shifting.

List of Items Required

You would require some professional supplies such as packing paper, moving boxes, bubble wraps, labels, colour-codes, markers, sandwich bags, packing tape, and a lot more. Make sure you invest in these as early as possible.

Dispose Off or Sell

Don’t take unnecessary and unwanted items with you. You may donate these to the needy or sell it off. The real bad ones should be disposed off.

Non-Essentials First

You must pack all of the non-essential items first. For instance, pack off the clothing that you don’t need for the season. Artwork, decorative items, and eating supplies furniture, and cookware that you don’t use much should be packed first.

Buy the Best

Saving a few hundred on packing materials may produce serious damage to your products. So buy what professionals use and learn to pack the items appropriately. So make a research and buy these supplies from the best suppliers.

Keep a Track

It is extremely necessary to keep a track of things you pack. Using high quality colour code boxes will be the best idea. You need to do this by room and then label them appropriately. For instance, you may stick blue label for kitchen, pink for bedroom, etc.

Take Care of Loading

Your belongings will not reach safe to the desired destination if you ignore the loading process. This should be done efficiently. So use strong ropes and the best of straps to tie these things down while loading and then pack it inside really tight. Take care to place large boxes and heavy items on the bottom.

DIY packing takes a lot of time and does not guarantee complete safety from damage. These tasks are better undertaken by professionals. Adworld India helps you get acquainted with the leading professionals of the industry. You may get quotes and latest info on these services. Comparing quotes is the best way to choose a service that best suits your specific packing and moving requirements and fits into the budget too.